5 Ways Technology Drives Small Business Growth

The hospitality industry has acknowledged the importance of technology before any other industry. As technology is the catalyst for the outstanding guest experience and reducing operational inefficiencies. Technology is so important to the overall mission of many locations that 52% of the hotels planned to increase their IT investments while 47% planned to spend the same as previous year. So whether it be a small business or large, everyone is opting for the best technological services present around the world.

But what type of technology should the hotels adopt, is becoming one of the critical questions in hand. This is because each day the preferences of the guests are changing. From digital access to high wifi, everything is expected in the room just like soap or a shampoo. So it has made the competition even bigger because every hotel wants to stay one step ahead in the use of technology.

Some of the trends that are seen in the adoption of the technology in past years are as follows:

Service Automation:

Service automation can include everything from automatic check-in via apps and using mobile phones to unlock the guest room doors to automatically providing guests with amenities and services based on their preferences such as extra towels or booking appointments, upon arrival. 

Luckily UKey Smart is the only mobile application present in the market that is providing all the automation services that a hotel needs. From mobile check in to digital key, quests can even access their required services 

Mobile Convergence:

Imagine, for example, in-room systems that allow the guests to pair their mobile phones with the in-room systems, so they easily switch on the lights and TV. Apart from this, also order the room services, adjust the lightings and even set the temperature of their room. Guests can also be notified via a text for their upcoming appointments etc. 

So in short, there is nothing a smartphone can’t do with the proper application in them. With UKey Smart, it becomes easier for the guests to access the best digital services present in the world, as it also includes the room controllers.

Location-based service:

Keeping guests happy from check-in to check-out—and anytime in between—is one of the main tenets of hospitality technology. Location-based services are a perfect example, and one technology that also serves to help the hotel, conference center and other hospitality locations increase their efficiency.

Indeed, knowing where guests are while they are on the property can help improve marketing efforts, such as pushing out coupons or special offers to a guest’s mobile device when he is near the hotel restaurant or gift shop, or providing outstanding customer service, such as greeting the guest at her room door with a bottle of water when she returns from her morning run.

Connecting Meeting Rooms:

In creating a guest experience that addresses the needs of travelers, hotels and other hospitality sites must provide technologies that will help travelers get their work done in the most efficient and impactful way possible. Conference rooms—once a technological afterthought to in-room and on-site guest-facing services—are growing in importance as travelers’ technology demands increase in scope and depth.

Chatbots and Mobile apps:

Mobile apps like UKey Smart have evolved to permit payments – via stored credit and gift cards and the redemption of loyalty rewards. Certain apps, such as Hilton’s Digital Key app, allow hotel guests to choose their guest room, check in, and unlock their door using their mobile device. Others serve as a full-blown concierge, enabling guests to book spa appointments, arrange for transportation and even choose which amenities they want stocked in their bathroom.


So what are you waiting for? Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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