5 Simple Ways To Reduce Hotel Operating Costs

When we talk about the hospitality industry, Customer service or guest service is the name of  the game. This fact represents both a challenge for hotels to meet and an opportunity that hotels can maximize. But the challenge is how to provide the best customer service along with controlling costs. Because it is clear in the hospitality industry that bad service will lose your customers. It is said that hotels are one of the industries that can get loyalty from their customers just by providing them with the best services. 

In this lock down, where most of the businesses are facing huge losses, its time to bring the change. It is the perfect time to ponder upon the activities of your business in a deeper way. Take this time to evaluate each and every aspect of your business to understand what things your business lags and what needs to be done to make profits and save cost. 

We have gathered some of the ways by which hotels can control the operating costs. These ways will ensure social hygiene in the properties as well as reduce major costs. 

Here are 5 ways to start:

  • Reducing Staff members: Labor cost is a significant proportion of a hotel’s expenses. Since it takes 50% of the hotel’s revenue on average, it is obvious to begin at this place for savings. But solutions require creative thought and careful balancing. Now technologies like UKeySmart are helping hotels in reducing costs by providing contact less services to their hotels. Today, there is no need of front desk when check in and check out is done completely through the mobile phones. Also there is no need for extra staff to receive and welcome the customers. This will not only reduce the number of labour staff in your hotels but also helps in maintaining social hygiene.With UKeySmart, guests can book their rooms and directly a room is assigned to them. This helps the hotels to save money by reducing the staff members as operations are completed remotely.


  • Reduce Energy Consumption: Labor may be the highest operating cost for hotels but utilities are the fastest -growing.  It is said that you can’t measure what you do not track. So the first tip would be to track the energy consumption in your hotels.

There are certain companies like UKeySmart that are helping hotels in reducing their energy consumption. Some of the ways it is helping are:

  • Digital controllers for Lights.
  • Mobile controllers for AC and TV in the rooms. 
  • Smart digital unlock, eliminating the usage of key cards.

  • Improve the check in process: This pandemic has highlighted the need of smart contact less technologies all around the world. Everyone wants their work remote and contact free, away from all the people. Contact less check in is basically a smart way of hotel check ins where you don’t have to meet and interact with people or hotel staff at the counter of the room. As all the information would be provided beforehand through UKeySmart, there would be no need to wait in the queues and visit the counter to book your room. UKeySmart allows its users to book a room in their favorite hotels with just a tap on their mobile phones. So when a person books a room through Ukey Smart, he provides all his personal information to the hotel he is visiting. The personal information includes the ID photo and other documents etc.


  • Take advantage of technology to automate processes: For the hospitality industry, it is one of the most exciting news ever. The lifting of lock down and restarting of tourism and travelling around the globe has reactivated the hospitality industry. All the hotels big or small are anxiously planning and waiting for the guests in their hotels. But apart from all this happiness, we still need to be more cautious at every step we take to restart the businesses. It’s time to upgrade the traditional system of hotels with smart digital technology. Technologies that provide contact less services to the guests. Contact less services are the need of the hour as people are concerned about their hygienic environment and the staff they meet. So let’s have a look at how smart technologies will help the hotels to have better start up in this post covid 19 time. UKey Smart is a specially designed app for the hospitality industry that provides contact less services. These services include online booking, digital keys and even the room controllers. Everything in one place in your hand. So, why not try these special services to make the hotel environment more cleaner and hygienic.

  • Go Green: With the modern technological advancements, science has provided all kinds of Eco friendly techniques in every field of life. The hospitality industry is not that far behind. Many hotels around the world have taken special initiatives to make their hotel system more Eco friendly.  Some have started to make green roofs and others have reduced the use of plastics.  The answer lies in the special features of the UKeySmart. It is one highly functioning app that thinks more of its users and the whole world. Smart keys are used widely all around the world. Once it malfunctions, it’s of no use and the plastic used in it takes millions of years to decay and this is causing land pollution all around the world. 

So UKeySmart provides their users with a smart key. A smart key is used through your mobile phone. So what are you waiting for? Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKeySmart!

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